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SuganoSystemBallet is a guided, hands-on, results-driven scientific approach to classical ballet.

Reduced risk of injury lowering health costs

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Promotes longevity of the dancer

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Arleen Sugano, or “Miss A”, as she is affectionately known by her students, has achieved a distinguished performing career, and has taught her unique science-based dance technique all over the world.

What they’re saying 

“It is not just the wealth of knowledge that she passes on to her students, it is also the way in which she motivates her students that make her classes stand out. Miss A generously shares the ‘missing links’ needed, while staying focused on constant improvement. This is a process that produces a stunning product: a stable, injury-free, articulate, and long lasting dancer.”

Molly Puryear

Executive Director, Malashock Dance Company

“When Arleen was asked by me to share in the writing of a new edition of my book Physics and the Art of Dance,” Oxford University Press, her excited positive answer laid the groundwork for the best scholarly work in that area. I can imagine no person better able to integrate the innovative scientific knowledge of classical ballet into the conservative classical approach that has been the foundation of dance for centuries!  That integration of the classical with the innovative represents the future of dance!”

Kenneth Laws, PhD, Physics

Professor Emeritus, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

“There are so many things I could say about her amazing coaching technique… I don’t even know where to start! In a short time, she has understood what I needed to work on and she has been essential to me. If you are or want to be a professional dancer and if you want to improve like crazy contact her!”

Mathilde Froustey

Principal Dancer, San Francisco Ballet

“The remarkable part of the SuganoSystemBallet approach is that the results happen in record time. I knew that I had lost bulk in my thighs but I would have never guessed that I had lost 2.5” in circumference in each leg in approximately five months! I streamlined my body and the way I work on technique!
SSB’s “centered” method to alignment and weight placement is transformational. I no longer suffer from hip or joint pain, because now I am properly using the backs of my legs. I have enjoyed becoming a much more consistent dancer because nothing is forced; I am working with my body, not against it. And with that has come an increase in stamina. My artistry has also grown because of my increased knowledge of how to produce movement from a “centered” place.
The SuganoSystem’s technique helps you to become a cleaner, precise dancer. Because I have learned causes, rather than effects, I have enjoyed becoming much more consistent. The training is comprehensive, it includes so many concepts that have taken my dancing to another level and given me a renewed self-confidence. Not to mention that it has developed my eye and I can appreciate a dancer that dances with incredible artistry but also moves efficiently and safely.”
Lauren Pschirrer

Smuin Ballet member since 2016, Dancer selected for National Choreographers Initiative: 2015, 2017, & 2018

“Arleen has relentlessly continued her exploration and study of the research in the dance sciences – biomechanics, injury prevention, motor learning, anatomy, and kinesiology – to improve and refine her teaching techniques. One of her main strengths in the studio is perceiving alignment problems in dancers resulting from faulty approaches to technique and muscle imbalances, and knowing how to correct these issues so that each dancer can fulfill his or her potential as an artist. What makes her classes so appealing to pre-professional and elite dancers is her unique talent at maintaining the excitement, the joy, and the challenge of the dance class environment. The scientific aspects of her approach never diminish the aesthetic atmosphere and the driving pace of the work.”

Donna Krasnow, PhD

Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto, California Institute of the Arts

“Her knowledge as an artist and performer is uniquely informed by her scientific approach. What Arleen brings to her teaching is a strong sense of understanding the ballet aesthetic, an eye for detail, and the exceptional ability to integrate traditional dance training with an awareness of each dancer’s unique anatomy and physiology. This approach, combined with her expansive knowledge of the physics of dance and biomechanics of individual dancers, places her in a unique position to be maximally effective in training the elite dancer to the highest potential of artistic expression while creating a class situation that is healthy and attuned to injury prevention.”

Ginny Wilmerding, PhD

Former CEO and President of International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, Medical Advisory Board, American Ballet Theatre, New York

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